'Werewolf by Night' Funko Pop! Figures Finally Step Into the Light
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'Werewolf by Night' Funko Pop! Figures Finally Step Into the Light

Jul 13, 2023

Marvel's acclaimed special Halloween presentation can finally be brought home in Pop! form.

Last year, Marvel delivered a surprise on Halloween in the form of the special presentation Werewolf by Night, the first-ever horror title in the MCU's catalog. Drawing inspiration from classic Hammer Horror monster movies like Dracula and The Wolf Man, it was a welcome departure from the typical Marvel properties filled with mystery and a haunting atmosphere that hardly felt like an MCU project at all. Now, over nine months since the special graced Disney+ with its presence, Funko is bringing its characters back into the light with a new set of Funko Pop! figures ahead of San Diego Comic-Con.

Three of the four figures belong to the duo of Elsa Bloodstone and Jack Russell, played in the special by Laura Donnelly and Gael García Bernal respectively. Both are among the hunting group gathered at Bloodstone Temple to take part in a competition - a deadly hunt for a terrifying beast that will pit the competitors against one another to win the powerful artifact known as the Bloodstone. Elsa is there to claim her birthright from her estranged family while Jack, the titular Werewolf by Night, is there to rescue a friend - the monstrous Man-Thing better known as Ted whom the final figure depicts.

Elsa and Jack stand ready to fight in their respective figures which stand at 3 1/2 and 4 inches tall respectively, and come in black and white to fit the aesthetic of the special. Jack gets a second figure, however, to fit his Werewolf transformation which has its fangs bared and ready to strike. To fit the massive scale of Man-Thing, Ted gets a detailed Super Pop! figure standing at 5 1/4 inches tall which showcases the creature in all of his glory. He's a hulking behemoth, but the misunderstood monster merely wanted to be free in the special, only using his powers to put an end to the villainous Verussa Bloodstone (Harriet Sansom Harris).

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Adding to the shocking success of Werewolf by Night was its director - Michael Giacchino. Normally a composer known for his Oscar-winning work on Up and many other high-profile projects, he found himself behind the camera for the Marvel special putting his years of experience and personal history to work to create something special. He also had a strong cast including not just Donnelly, Bernal, and Harris, but also the legendary Kirk Thatcher, alongside Eugenie Bondurant, Leonardo Nam, Daniel J. Watts, and Al Hamacher.

Should Marvel play around with more horror specials, both Giacchino and Bernal would certainly be game to return. The director told Collider's Steve Weintraub in the past how he already has ideas for how he would follow up the story of Jack, Elsa, and Ted. Furthermore, Bernal is hopeful that the Werewolf by Night team can reappear in another special or something more, and he'd specifically love to step back into the body of the titular werewolf once more.

Werewolf by Night is currently streaming on Disney+. The new Pop! figures can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth. Check the four collectibles out below.

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