Get Your Game On With an Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 for $500
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Get Your Game On With an Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 for $500

Jan 02, 2024

The days are getting longer, but for many people across the country, they're not getting any warmer. So while you're already holed up inside, sipping a hot cup of cocoa, why not treat yourself to a new game console?

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is on sale now from Dell(Opens in a new window), where customers can save $60 on the HDR console and snag a copy of Forza Horizon 5 at no extra cost.

Boasting a PCMag Editors' Choice stamp of approval, the Series X is Microsoft's most powerful game system yet, with native 4K graphics and a 1TB SSD for blazing-fast load times. Standing 12 by 6 by 6 inches (HWD), the big, black block features sharp, right-angle corners and smooth plastic; a grid-like grille sits at the top, hiding green lights that evoke the original Xbox design.

The front features a slot-loading optical drive, USB port, controller pairing button, eject button, and the all-important power button. Around the back, you'll find two USB ports, an HDMI output, Ethernet port, power cable connector, and a slot for expanding storage. To fit your aesthetic needs, the Xbox Series X, which naturally stands upright, can also rest horizontally on its side—though this does require at least six inches of vertical clearance.

As noted in PCMag's review of the machine, its included controller features the same curved profile, prominent grips, and matte plastic shell as its predecessors. There is, however, a new Capture button, which lets you snag screenshots and video clips with the press of a button. The direction pad is also new, replacing the plus-shaped pad with an octagonal direction plate with indentations.

Add to that a Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, RDNA 2 GPU, 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, and, most notably, a 1TB solid-state drive, and the Xbox Series X can output video at up to 4K resolution, with support for high dynamic range (HDR), including Dolby Vision. There's even a slot-loading Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for playing game discs and UHD Blu-ray films with 4K video content.

Alongside the 12-by-10-by-6-inch (HWD) console, Dell is throwing in a copy of Forza Horizon 5, an open-world racing game set in Mexico and chock full of Fast and Furious-esque antics.

Ring in spring with a $499.99 Microsoft Xbox Series X game console(Opens in a new window) and free game of Forza Horizon from Dell, which shaved $60 off the retail price of $559.99.

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