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Best Harbor Freight Jack Reviews 2023

Aug 22, 2023

Whether you’re a weekend garage warrior or an automotive professional, a trustworthy floor jack is an absolute necessity. However, choosing the best floor jack to suit your needs can be a little tricky. Price, build quality, lift capacity, and max lifting height are some of the key factors to consider when making your selection. We’re breaking down some of the most popular Harbor Freight jacks so you can decide what works best for the way you work.

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The Daytona 3-Ton DJ3000 is designed with hardworking Pros and automotive enthusiasts in mind. It has a max lifting height of 23-1/8 inches and a working capacity of 6,000 pounds, allowing you to easily lift most standard vehicles.

Its dual parallel pumps are rated for 5,000 cycles and let you raise a vehicle with few strokes compared to traditional models. Additionally, there’s an internal magnetic filtration system to catch any metallic debris and extend the life of your pump and seals.

The heavy duty, all-welded steel construction is built to last, even under demanding conditions. It’s available in three standard colors—Yellow, Sunburst Metallic Orange, and Candy Apple Metallic Red.

The Daytona DS300LR gives you improved access to your vehicle’s lifting points. Its extra-long arm is powered by dual piston pumps that let you quickly lift your car an impressive two feet off the ground. The 6,000-pound capacity is ideal for lifting passenger cars, SUVs, and pick-ups.

Besides its extended reach, one hallmark of this jack is the extremely low-profile design. This allows it to safely lift certain luxury vehicles that traditionally have a much lower ride height. For added convenience, this design also includes a foot pedal at the base of the handle that allows you to quickly raise the saddle to the working height.

This jack features a precision welded steel design and high-strength, rest-resistant hardware to extend its working life. The rear swivel casters rotate a full 360° and glide smoothly on premium ball bearings. This jack’s industrial-strength powder coat finish comes in your choice of blue, black, green, and orange.

The Daytona 1.5-Ton aluminum racing jack has a minimum height of just 2-3/8 inches for lifting customized or lowered vehicles without damaging trim and rocker panels. With a max height of 16-1/8 inches and a 3,000-pound working capacity, passenger cars and light-duty trucks are well within its scope.

The lightweight aircraft aluminum construction is what really sets this model apart. At just 36 pounds, it is much easier to carry and transport than its steel counterparts. The extra-long two-piece knurled aluminum handle provides plenty of leverage and a foam bumper helps prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint. Plus, the anodized finish is sleek and easy to keep clean.

The Badlands 3-Ton Off-Road Jack is one of the more interesting models in our lineup due to its oversized flat-free wheels and rugged build. Both axles have sealed ball bearings for smooth operation on sand, gravel, and other demanding off-road conditions.

This jack has a minimum lift height of 6-1/4 inches but they include a locking height saddle extension that brings the base height up to 11-1/2 inches. If you still need a little more height, you can raise the extension to one of three locking heights and hold it in place with the included cotter pin.

The Badlands 59136 has a max lift capacity of 6,000 pounds—great for full and mid-sized trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and UTVs no matter the terrain. This jack comes with a few onboard accessories, too. There’s a locking handle detent for easy transport and positioning as well as a 1/2-inch hex wrench for making adjustments in the field.

Compared to the others in this lineup, this offroad jack is a little bulky. In spite of that, they managed to keep the weight down to just under 73 pounds by utilizing a combination of steel and aluminum construction. Plus, there’s an integrated top handle for easy carrying.

Tackle anything the trail throws at you, from lifting to emergency bodywork with this 48-inch farm jack. The rugged all-cast steel construction delivers up to a 5000-pound load capacity and a max lifting height of 41 inches. The two-piece handle and socket design is built for rugged use and easy replacement should something get damaged.

The top clamp is attachable at any point on the Badlands’ I-beam with a quick tightening wing nut. This essentially makes this trail jack four tools in one for lifting, spreading, winching, and clamping.

The Daytona Heavy Duty Jack Stands safely support up to 12,000 pounds and offer stable, dependable protection. They are constructed with heavy duty welded solid steel body panels and reinforcement braces for added strength and durability.

These jack stands feature a simple ratcheting system to make quick height adjustments on the fly and locking mobility pins for added safety and security. This dual safety system is a simple Belt-and-Suspenders insurance policy while lifting heavy objects.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Here are a few more options that may be a better fit!

Harbor Freight is often a tool destination for most folks because they offer a price point that is almost too good to pass up. Looking beyond their Pro-level floor jack models, there are still a number of options that are advantageous for folks on a budget.

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