Jack Harlow debuts new video for latest single 'Denver'
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Jack Harlow debuts new video for latest single 'Denver'

Aug 23, 2023

DENVER — Fans who follow Jack Harlow get a first-class introduction to the Mile High City and the Rocky Mountains in his new single "Denver."

The track just dropped on Harlow's album "Jackman."

Colorado's famous blue skies, white puffy clouds, rolling green hills and peaks create the backdrop for Harlow's solitude as he raps from along the top of the Mount Evans Scenic Byway accompanied only by mountain goats.

Acoustic guitar, drum beats and blue tones mute the scenes of Harlow's music video as he appears alone, but feeling pressures under the spotlight. Longing for solitude and his former anonymity come through in his song lyrics.

"Walking past the homeless in a Rolex just got off the stage in the Today Show and I basically felt soulless years go by and I keep sayin' I'm going to use my phone less but I should just be phoneless ignorance is bliss..."

He's a superstar under super pressure – expressing a fear that he can't live up to the expectations of his fans or his crew. His lyrics wish for a simpler time where he was known less.

"It was fun when we were known less sorry that's cliché I know I'm so blessed but Jason keeps on tellin' me say yes and truth be taught I know he knows best but I don't wanna do no press..."

Seemingly candid about his insecurities and the anxiety that comes along with being famous – a feeling of being alone yet he's surrounded by thousands of fans, along with a devoted entourage in a metro area of 3 million people.

"I've become so vain and insecure about everything I feel all this pressure to live up to what they tell me I'm going to be so I isolate myself you can't help me it's on me..."

Deep, heavy sighs, Harlow under the spotlight, solo drives along empty scenic mountain roads and shots of him in empty hotel rooms show a singer in reflection of his ride to fame.

In the "Denver" music video, Harlow cruises down East Colfax Avenue in his sleek and shiny G-class Benz past so many local spots known to Denverites – including the Casino Cabaret, home to Cervantes' Masterpiece, that shows "Denver Jack Harlow" lit up on the marquis sign, Shotgun Willie's, and a popular Good Times restaurant in Capitol Hill.

A flash of the Denver city skyline leads into a cameo from the Denver Nuggets' Jamal Murray – the "Blue Arrow" guard who was clutch in leading the team to a world championship. Harlow attended the NBA Finals after headlining Ball Arena in September 2022, and he references the experience through his lyrics.

"I wrote that first verse in Denver back in September it's January now and I'm feeling like myself again..."

It seems only fitting for Murray to join Harlow atop a downtown Denver high rise in the golden light of sunset, both sharing a connection to Harlow's home state of Kentucky – Murray played for the University of Kentucky before entering the NBA. The two are said to have been friends way before the Nuggets' championship.

The video was directed by Eliel Ford, who chose to highlight all the right spots in town in Harlow's feature showcasing Denver culture.

"I'm a long way from Shelby County..." a reference to his home state of Kentucky and a nod to his successful journey in the music industry that's taken him far from home.

Harlow's six-city "No Place Like Home" tour will only make stops throughout Kentucky. The tour begins Friday, Nov. 24 in Owensboro and wraps up on Sunday, Dec. 3 in Lexington.


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