Dell currently has the best Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLED deals we've ever seen
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Dell currently has the best Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLED deals we've ever seen

Feb 02, 2024

A free $75 gift card effectively nets you record low prices

If you're on the hunt for a new console this holiday season, look no further than Dell's latest offers. Whether you're an Xbox Series S or a Nintendo Switch deals hunter, this retailer's latest sale is one of the best we've seen yet. You can currently claim a free $75 gift card when you buy either the $299.99 Xbox Series S or the $349.99 Nintendo Switch OLED right now.

In the case of the former, we've only ever seen that $299.99 MSRP buckle down to $249.99 in the past. As long as you spend the $75 gift card within the next 90 days, you're effectively getting a brand new record low price here. However, this sale is a real highlight for those on the hunt for Nintendo Switch deals. The OLED model has only ever hit $330 in previous sales, which means that $75 value is working even harder for Joy-Con fans.

We don't expect clear-cut price drops on these devices to hit this kind of value even in upcoming Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals or Black Friday Xbox deals. Plus, with Dell offering a range of extra accessories and games on its shelves, there's plenty to spend your bounty on over the holiday sales period.

You'll find more information on both of these offers just below, and more of the latest prices on each console further down the page.

Xbox Series S | $75 gift card | $299.99 at DellTaking that $75 gift card into account, this is the best deal we've seen on the Xbox Series S yet. You've got 90 days to spend your cash - perfect for taking advantage of upcoming sales across accessories.

Nintendo Switch OLED | $75 gift card | $349.99 at DellWe've only ever seen the Nintendo Switch OLED drop to $330 in the past, so with that $75 gift card included you're getting one of the best offers on the new console we've ever seen here. Be sure to spend your cash within 90 days (though that won't be difficult with Dell stocking plenty of accessories and extra kit).

It's tricky to find Nintendo Switch deals offering the same level of value as Dell's gift card above. However, if you're after the lowest price possible, we're bringing you all the latest from your favorite retailers just below.

Of course, we're always tracking the lowest Xbox Series S prices on the web. If you're after the latest and greatest discounts, we've compared all the biggest retailers just below.

If you're after some extra kit, we're also rounding up all the best Nintendo Switch accessories and the best Xbox Series X accessories (they'll still work on your Xbox Series S console). Or, take a look at the latest Xbox Game Pass deals for more savings.

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either the $299.99or the $349.99Xbox Series S | $75 gift card | $299.99 at DellNintendo Switch OLED | $75 gift card | $349.99 at Dell